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Exterior Plastering Services


Cosgrove Plastering is a professional Dryvit-certified plastering company. E.I.F.S. system may be applied over brick, metal, vinyl siding, concrete block, ICF, wood, existing stucco or E.I.F.S. finish. What is E.I.F.S.? It stands for Exterior Insulated Finish System. It is the cutting edge "green" system for residences or commercial buildings, the most cost-effective exterior cladding used today. The exterior of the structure is insulated on the outside, integrated into a synergistic flexible and durable system. Acrylic-based final finishes are available in a wide array of standard colors, or we can match what you have in mind. Achieve the look of textured stucco, brick, granite, or stone at a fraction of the usual cost. Renovate to make an old building look new, apply the finishing touch to a new one, or even make a wall look like brick. Please visit for more information. Our plasterers are specially trained to also repair damage to this system.

Dryvit finishes are also versatile enough for creative outdoor projects, such as covering or creating fencing, cellars, or mailboxes.

Looking for original stucco over lathe? Our plasterers are also highly skilled in that area. Let us demonstrate the look you have in mind, such as Old World or Italian staining/glazing.

One of our niche specialty products is ArcusStone, a fully integrated and color coordinated system of crushed limestone coatings and plasters, with the durability and finish of quarried stone. It can be made into columns, steps, floors, fireplaces, carved walls, and much more. For more information, please visit for more information.

Have a question about our services? Wondering if we can do a custom job for you? Contact us and tell us what you want.

Interior Plastering Services


Not many artisan plasterers remain who are qualified to repair/apply old-style wood or metal lathe interior plaster, but Jason Cosgrove is highly trained in both types of media.

Cosgrove Plastering also applies Venetian or Italian plaster, which creates a highly polished, rock-hard, marble-like finish. This saves money when real marble is too expensive or impractical. It may be applied on ceilings, walls, or columns.

Structo-lite is a highly insulated basecoat plaster we apply for interior applications. It provides a plastic working material that conforms to various designs, helping achieve durability in walls and ceilings. It is a gypsum plaster that weighs half as much as sanded basecoat plaster, and is perfect for locations where aggregate is unavailable. This product offers three times the insulation as sanded plaster.

Avoid having to paint! Let us apply Dryvit finish over sheetrock or paneling. The color is already built-in. Choose from smooth, fine, course, or worm finishes.

Decorative Plastering Services


If it is decorative plastering you are looking for, then Cosgrove Plastering is the right contractor for you! From jobs as small as decorative mailboxes to entire external decorative plastering, we have the experience and talent to do it right. We can give your home a beautiful Venetian Polished Marble look or simply provide one of several types of textured plastering.

We can create custom decorative ornamental plaster ceiling and wall designs, using architectural plaster enrichments or ornaments in any historical interior design style.


We service the entire Oklahoma City metro, including Midwest City, Norman, Moore, Edmond, Yukon, Choctaw and more! We perform the following plastering services:

  • Plastering walls in your new or current home
  • Repair plastered walls and ceilings
  • Custom plastering jobs inside or outside your building

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